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Para-Athletic Survey

The CAMC Foundation is partnering with the YMCA of Kanawha Valley to sponsor statewide sporting competitions for athletes of all ages with physical disabilities through its Para-Athletic program.  The Para-Athletic program is the  only organized, sanctioned sporting program for the physically challenged in West Virginia.  The program offers year round competitions in track and field, marksman, swimming, basketball, tennis, archery and golf.

To help improve the program, the partners are asking interested individuals to complete and return a short Paraathletic Survey.  The purpose of this survey is to determine what the interest is in different sports/events, and does not guarantee that all sports/events will be available.  However, it will give the partners an idea who where interest is and maybe areas where existing opportunities can be expanded.

The Para-Athletic competitions are open to both competitive athletes as well as individuals who might like to see what it’s like to participate in this type of recreation program. No previous experience is required.  Those who participate in sanctioned events has the opportunity to move on to regional and national competitions. Children and adults from all counties are welcome.

Please send completed surveys to:


Debra Bryant

100 YMCA Drive

Charleston, WV 25311

Email to:

For any questions or comments please contact Debra Bryant at 304-340-3527 ext. 1116


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