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Color Teller

The Color Teller can help people with low vision or blindness identify colors. In addition to identifying colors, this device will announce tints and shades, such as light blue, pink, and dark brown. The Color Teller can also tell users whether lights are on or not. The Color Teller has three language options, which are English, […]

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C-Pen Reader Pen

The C-Pen Reader is a pen scanner that recognizes and announces words. It was designed for people who have difficulty reading, such as people with dyslexia, people with cognitive impairments, and people learning a new language. The C-Pen can read in both English and Spanish and features a built-in Oxford dictionary. When users come across a […]

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Open Captioned Moveis Now Available Monthly

Earnest Covington, Executive Director of the  West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing ( WVCDHH) announced today that WVCDHH will start to provide open captioned monthly movies at the Nitro Regal Cinemas. The first open captioned movie will be “Boss Baby” on April 15th at 1 pm. Open captioned movie means the captions will be projected onto the […]


Call for Artists

“Different Voices and Common Experiences” is an exhibit featuring artists who have been affected by mental health issues. DVCE supports positive mental health awareness, community wellness, and inclusivity. Artists will be chosen on a first-come basis until the gallery space is full. You must submit photographs of your art pieces (limit 3 per artist) with […]

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