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Trout Stocking Underway!

Trout stocking is underway throughout West Virginia at many of the state’s lakes, streams and other waterways. WVATS reminds anglers with disabilities that there are 29 sites in West Virginia that meet many of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), thanks to ongoing development by the WV Division of Natural Resources and […]

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The Whatz-it Communication Device

The Whatz-it was designed to assist children with autism and other communication impairments with scaled decision making. The Whatz-it features a graduated color scale from green to red. Children using the scale can then indicate the intensity of their response by sliding a magnetic tile along the green-to-red scale. For example, children can use the […]

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Sunu Band

The Sunu Band is a smart watch designed for people who are blind. The Sunu Band uses sonar to detect the proximity of objects and provides haptic feedback to the user. This smart watch can also help to keep track of and find personal belongings, such as keys and luggage, using compatible personal item tags. […]

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