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LEND Teens with Autism Support Group

Being a teenager isn’t easy. It can be hard to handle social pressures and make friends. For teens with higher functioning autism, maintaining friendships and making social connections can be even harder. To help cope with these issues, there is a support group for teens with high functioning autism or Asperger’s in the Morgantown area. […]

Lowe’s Hires Man with TBI and His Service Dog

A picture posted to Facebook by Lowe’s recently went viral, making its way around the internet and even to many news stations, including CNN. The picture featured Owen Lima, a new employee, and his service dog, Blue. Lima has a traumatic brain injury, which makes it difficult to understand people, especially when they talk fast. […]

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Clothing for Children

Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated with the nonprofit Runway of Dreams to create an adaptive clothing line for children. This clothing line is comprised of 22 items with adaptive features, such as velcro, magnets, and other modifications. Items for both boys and girls are available. To view the clothing line, visit Contributor: Brittany Valdez

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