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Learn to Ride the Bus!

Kevin is 34 years old and uses a wheelchair for mobility.  Before moving to Morgantown, he lived in Baltimore and was accustomed to using public transportation to get around the urban community. As a local resident, Kevin used the transportation services at In Touch and Concerned to get to medical appointments but had trouble finding […]


Accessible Laundromat Update

It has been a year since according to Gov. Tomblin “the first accessible laundromat in West Virginia” opened in Elkins, WV. People have had a lot of positive comments.  Many people who use wheelchairs come to the laundromat, but we also have people with baby strollers who love it because they can bring the stroller in and go everywhere. One thing we have […]

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Alternative Locks for Your Locker

Having access to a locker at school, at work or at the gym can be helpful for storing books, backpacks and clothing when you are on the go. For some people though, opening a combination lock to open the locker can be hard to do. For example, a person with a cognitive impairment may have […]

A New Path for Helping Hooves

“Small yet mighty.” That is how some horse lovers describe miniature horses. Minis were bred around the world over the centuries to be smaller yet still have the positive attributes of a horse. Miniature horses tend to be hardy animals with a gentle spirit. Miniature horses are not new to West Virginia. At one time, […]

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New Accessible Business in Elkins, WV

August 1, 2014 Elkins business man Clif Schoonover opened what Governor Tomblin called “as far as he knows the first fully accessible Laundromat in the state of WV”. Clif has had dealings with family and friends with disabilities, as well as himself, most of his life. He has found over many years that businesses and […]

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