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Edushape Sensory Balls, 4 Inch, Solid Colors, 4 Ball Set

Edushape 4″ sensory balls are perfect for developing tactile senses and gross motor skills. The nubby texture of these colorful balls provides tremendous sensory and dexterity-building play. You can squeeze, roll, throw, kick and see through these textured play balls. The sensory ball improves hand-eye coordination and can be used to improve socialization skills when […]

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Stitcher’s Wonder Frame

The Stitcher’s Wonder Frame is a 9 x 24 inch standing scroll frame for needlework. The frame adjusts in height from 16 to 37.5 inches.You can also tilt the split-rail scroll frame up or down to work in a position that works best for you. The frame rotates a full 360 degrees. This item has […]

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Dressing Aids for Compression Socks

Some people wear compression socks or hosiery, which fit more snuggly than traditional socks or hosiery. People wear them for a variety of reasons, such as helping improve blood flow, relieving symptoms caused by varicose veins, skin ulcers or deep vein thrombosis. Check with your doctor first to figure out whether compression garments are right […]

Low Tech Gadgets for your Vehicle

It’s fun to find low tech gadgets that can make life easier. Let’s explore some low tech assistive technology gadgets that can be useful for your vehicle. The Stander Car Caddie has a support handle with a strap that attaches to your window frame. You can grab onto the handle to help you get in […]

WVATS Vendor Partnerships

Progressive Mobility and Medical along with Mon Health Care have had a well-established relationship with the West Virginia Assistive Technology System. They help support our mission at WVATS which is to enhance the lives of all West Virginia residents with disabilities, including older West Virginians and the families of people with disabilities. By providing access […]

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