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Tobii PCEye Go

The Tobii PCEYE go is a peripheral eye tracker that enhances computer accessibility with the speech, power, and accuracy of gaze interaction. The device replaces the standard mouse, allowing you to navigate and control a desktop or laptop computer using only your eyes. It runs on standard Windows computers and tablets, allowing you to work […]

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Adapted Bluetooth iHome

The Adapted Bluetooth iHome has wireless audio streaming. A Bluetooth enabled device can be used to listen to your favorite music on the iHome station. This iHome device is adapted by Enabling Devices, such as six 2½” switches, which control tracks forward and backward, volume up and down, pause and on/off. The iHome features a […]


Microsoft Accessibility

Microsoft has a website devoted to accessibility features available to individuals who use Windows or Microsoft products. This site has guides specific for users who have vision, hearing, speech, mobility and learning needs. Additionally there are resources and an accessibility blog. This site could be useful for those who use a computer with Microsoft applications […]

New Accessibility Features of Apple iOS 10

On September 13, 2016, Apple released its newest software update for mobile phones and tablets. This latest edition is iOS 10. With this new software update, Apple added several new accessibility features. Magnifier: iPhone and iPad users now have the option to use their devices as magnifiers without the need to download a special app. […]

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PATHS Assistive Technology (AT) Fall 2016 Grant Deadline

PATHS, the Partnerships in Assistive TecHnologieS, is a nonprofit group dedicated to increasing awareness about and access to assistive technology (AT). PATHS is accepting applications for its fall AT grant cycle until October 1, 2016. Assistive technology (AT) is any device that can help you perform tasks related to work, education, community participation, recreation or […]

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WhiteSmoke Computer Software

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one English writing tool that provides grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks. It was created by using rule-based software that scans thousands of user-generated text passages and emails to “learn” the way that humans write. It can be used by both native and non-native English speakers to improve their writing style, tone […]

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Suction Speaker

The Suction Speaker is a switch enabled, water resistant speaker for Bluetooth enabled devices. This means that it works with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. With this speaker, users can activate their favorite switch to play and pause music and videos from their smartphones or tablets. The Suction Speaker also features a rechargeable battery […]

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Dynavox Compass App

DynaVox developed Compass, an app that is available for use with an iPad. Compass provides communication solutions for individuals of all ages and abilities who cannot use their natural voice to participate in day to day activities. The app provides pagesets structured to address the unique needs of individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, aphasia, apraxia, […]

Stick N Find Bluetooth Stickers

For people who lose their keys, wallet, TV remote, iPad, or any other important item, the Stick N Find may be of some assistance. The Stick N Find is easy to set up. Download the app, place the stickers right next to your phone, and pair them with your device. Then, you pair each button […]

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Projection Keyboard & Mouse

The Celluon Epic Projection Keyboard and Mouse works with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device. Epic projects a fixed QWERTY keyboard pattern onto a flat, solid surface. The added mouse feature tracks your natural movements which can help reduce stress on your hands. The Epic is compatible with iOS 4.0 and later, Android 4.0 and later, Windows […]

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