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Social Stories

Social stories are a great way to help individuals on the Autism Spectrum develop a better understanding of various social interactions, situations, behaviors, skills, or concepts that they may encounter. This better understanding may help these individuals to know what to expect when those situations occur. Social Stories are usually short, simple, and individualized for […]

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My Friend Has Down Syndrome (Children’s Book)

This sensitively written book is a story about two children who meet at summer camp and the warm friendship that develops between them despite the fact that one of them has Down Syndrome.  Both girls learn that everybody is good at something, and that by helping each other overcome their fears and difficulties, they can […]

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Learn to Ride the Bus!

Kevin is 34 years old and uses a wheelchair for mobility.  Before moving to Morgantown, he lived in Baltimore and was accustomed to using public transportation to get around the urban community. As a local resident, Kevin used the transportation services at In Touch and Concerned to get to medical appointments but had trouble finding […]


Pathways to Funding AT Workshop in October 2016

Partnerships in Assistive TecHnologieS (PATHS) plans to present the workshop “Pathways to Funding” in Morgantown, WV this fall. The workshop will address ideas for finding funding to pay for assistive technology devices as well as information about what to do if you are denied funding. The event is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 9 […]

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PATHS Assistive Technology (AT) Fall 2016 Grant Deadline

PATHS, the Partnerships in Assistive TecHnologieS, is a nonprofit group dedicated to increasing awareness about and access to assistive technology (AT). PATHS is accepting applications for its fall AT grant cycle until October 1, 2016. Assistive technology (AT) is any device that can help you perform tasks related to work, education, community participation, recreation or […]

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LEND Teens with Autism Support Group

Being a teenager isn’t easy. It can be hard to handle social pressures and make friends. For teens with higher functioning autism, maintaining friendships and making social connections can be even harder. To help cope with these issues, there is a support group for teens with high functioning autism or Asperger’s in the Morgantown area. […]

AT Ideas from the Green Thumbs, Healthy Joints Projects

During the 2015 growing season, Green Thumbs, Healthy Joints (GTHJs) projects used accessible gardening methods like raised garden beds and container gardening. Some added benches and seats near garden areas. Other accessible features included hand rails, accessible pathways to and around gardening areas and stakes/wires for taller plant growth. The GTHJs projects reported that they […]

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Green Thumbs, Healthy Joints Application Deadline is Approaching

The Green Thumbs, Healthy Joints (GTHJs) program is still accepting applications for accessible gardening projects for the 2016 growing season. The deadline is December 11, 2015. To download the application form, visit Green Thumb, Healthy Joints is an accessible gardening program administered by the West Virginia Assistive Technology System (WVATS) and funded by the […]

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U.S. Access Board free monthly webinar series

The U.S. Access Board hosts a series of free monthly webinars. For registration and information about the webinar series, visit Accessibility Online.  The next webinar will focus on “Accessible Swimming Pools and Spas” and the technical requirements for pool lifts and sloped entries. There will be a question and answer period. It will be held July 2nd from 2:30 […]

HIMS Vendor Demonstration

HIMS, a company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of assistive technology for individuals who are blind or have  vision needs, joined WVATS at the Center for Excellence in Disabilities for device demonstrations of low vision products and braille displays/notetakers. Two devices new to their company that were demonstrated were the Candy 5 HD […]

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