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C-Pen Reader Pen

The C-Pen Reader is a pen scanner that recognizes and announces words. It was designed for people who have difficulty reading, such as people with dyslexia, people with cognitive impairments, and people learning a new language. The C-Pen can read in both English and Spanish and features a built-in Oxford dictionary. When users come across a […]

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LEND Teens with Autism Support Group

Being a teenager isn’t easy. It can be hard to handle social pressures and make friends. For teens with higher functioning autism, maintaining friendships and making social connections can be even harder. To help cope with these issues, there is a support group for teens with high functioning autism or Asperger’s in the Morgantown area. […]

Beamz Classroom Interactive Music System

Beamz Classroom Interactive Music System is universally designed to allow both children and adults of all physical and learning abilities to make music. This device uses laser lights to detect movements made by users and emits music that corresponds to those movements. The Beamz system comes preloaded with songs from popular artists, including Justin Timberlake, […]

AbleNet University Webinar Series

AbleNet University offers free webinars for educators and other individuals.  They have live scheduled webinars as well as access to previously recorded topics.  Past webinars have included “Developing Lifelong Leisure Skills for Individuals with Multiple Disabilities:  An Overview for Fun Activities for the Classroom”, “Switch Skills Development, Part 3: Developing Switch Skills for Driving a Power Wheelchair” […]

Tablets available to borrow!

WVATS has iPads, iPods, a Samsung Galaxy Note and a Galaxy S3 available for individuals in West Virginia to try before they consider buying one. These products have been updated with apps in the following categories: Autism Communication Traumatic brain injury Vision A list of apps can be found with each device on the WVATS Virtual Loan Library. Some apps can also be added on […]

FM Systems in the Classroom

Children who are experiencing hearing loss may struggle with being able to hear properly in the classroom. This can hinder their education and cause them to lag behind because they cannot understand what the teacher is telling them. An FM system is an assistive listening device that makes it easier for people with hearing loss […]

Alternative Locks for Your Locker

Having access to a locker at school, at work or at the gym can be helpful for storing books, backpacks and clothing when you are on the go. For some people though, opening a combination lock to open the locker can be hard to do. For example, a person with a cognitive impairment may have […]

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