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U-Step II Walking Stabilizer

The U-Step Walking Stabilizer is a unique and exceptionally well designed rollator created to increase independence and allow users with mobility restrictions to safely and securely navigate their environments. This deluxe walker was specially developed for the unique needs of those with various neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Ataxia, stroke, PSP and other movement disorders.

This item is available for loan and is #134149.


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Rectractable Pincer Switch

The Rectractable Pincer Switch can be used to help practice fine motor gripping skills. When you pull the cord with a pincer grip, you are rewarded with a glitter dome that lights up, plays music and vibrates gently. There are three buttons on the back– for light and vibration — so you can choose the combination of rewards you want. The Rectractable Pincer Switch comes with five different pincer grips: a 2 1/2″ plastic textured ring, a T-handle, a small metal 1 1/4″ ring, a 1/2″ yellow round grip and a flat grip.

This item is available for loan and is #131888.




Language Cards “Go Together” (Game, vocabulary)

For easy recognition, each language card features a clearly presented, full color photo of an object familiar to young children.  Using Go-Togethers language cards will help children develop reasoning skills, increase vocabulary, and promote language development.

Activity Guide and suggested games are included, as well as 40 photo cards 5″x6″ (20 pairs of Go-Togethers)

This item is available for loan and is item #180895.



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Adaptive Feeding Items

Inner lip dish #180453

Unique inside edge design is the efficient solution to preventing food from accidentley spilling or falling off your plate. Durable, textured bottom surface prevents food from sliding too much around in the plate.



Nosey Glass II- #180452

Translucent plastic glass has a textured grip surface and a special cut-out for the nose area to allow for easy drinking without having to tilt the head



Flexible youth spoon #180451

Versatile utensil can be angled or positioned in a variety of directions. Bend utensils for a customized fit. Handle is made of closed cell foam and is 1″ in diameter.



Child’s feeding spoon #180449

Double-ended design, these spoons are ideal for starting solid foods. Durable ABS plastic with rounded edges for added safety.


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Edushape Sensory Balls, 4 Inch, Solid Colors, 4 Ball Set

Edushape 4″ sensory balls are perfect for developing tactile senses and gross motor skills. The nubby texture of these colorful balls provides tremendous sensory and dexterity-building play. You can squeeze, roll, throw, kick and see through these textured play balls. The sensory ball improves hand-eye coordination and can be used to improve socialization skills when enjoyed in group play.

This item  is available for loan and is #184466.


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E-Z Up

Quickly raise and lower hanging plants for watering and dead-heading without climbing on chairs or spilling water. Internal automatic height lock releases and locks again at any height with a gentle tug on 5′ long cord. For plants weighing up to 20 lbs.

The E-Z Up is available for loan and is item #45592.



National Aphasia Awareness Month

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month, which is a campaign to increase public education of aphasia and to recognize the approximately 2 million people who have it.

Aphasia is a language impairment that can affect the ability to communicate in various degrees of severity. The communication disorder impairs the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. Aphasia is most commonly caused by a stroke, but can also result from a traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, or infections.

Our loan library carries several assistive communication devices that may help an individual with aphasia to express themselves. The following devices are only a couple of the various items available for loan:

Go Talk 20+ 


This easy to use, lightweight and durable picture communicator has a 100 message capacity which provides great sound and volume control. Features easy sequential recording, an option for whole level erasing and built-in overlay storage.


Webber Communication Book-Large


Each vinyl 3-ring book comes with one Velcro® sentence strip for making sentences, handy storage pockets on the inside of the front and back covers, and four Velcro® pages (smooth texture with soft loops) to allow for a quick and easy change of cards. Customize your book by sliding the enclosed identification card in the clear front cover pocket. Colors may vary. 


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Easy Up ATV Rolling Garden Seat

The Easy Up ATV Garden Seat by Vertex provides lightly padded seating for comfort while gardening. The seat has a handle to help a gardener get up and down, plus a small storage space under the seat for hand tools. The Easy Up ATV Gardening Seat is made of plastic, and has 10 inch wheels for rolling over grass or dirt.

The Easy Up ATV Garden Seat is available for loan and is item #128908.



Tobii PCEye Go

The Tobii PCEYE go is a peripheral eye tracker that enhances computer accessibility with the speech, power, and accuracy of gaze interaction. The device replaces the standard mouse, allowing you to navigate and control a desktop or laptop computer using only your eyes. It runs on standard Windows computers and tablets, allowing you to work with any application that is normally controlled by a standard computer mouse or through touch. Works with Windows 8 or below.

This item is available for loan and it item #135029


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The C-Pen ReaderPen is a portable scanning pen with embedded technologies like character recognition (OCR) and text to speech (TTS). It offers functions such as:  text reader, dictionary scan to file, and recorder. C-Pen ReaderPen is designed with the dedicated purpose to improve understanding and learning. The Text Reader function assists with reading and pronunciation, the Dictiorary function explains words’ meanings and the scan to file function captures notes which can be read out loud by TTS.

This item is available for loan and is item #180952.

This is an image of the C-Pen.

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