Direct Care Roles and Responsibilities

Please read through the following powerpoint and watch the videos when prompted. Once you've reviewed all of the material, take the test. You must score at least 80% on the test in order to receive certification.

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Traumatic Brain Injury - Jerry's Story

Traumatic Brain Injury - Josh's Story

Direct Care Roles and Responsibilities Test

1. In "Jerry's Story" he describes having what as being an important theme for his daily life?

2. One role of the direct care employee is to assist the member in community activities that will:

3. A direct care employee must be

4. In the Principles of Direct Care, choice is described as:

5. In the article, How to Build Good Boundaries in Support Work what are three signs of boundary problems?

6. One quality of a good direct care worker is:

7. In the fact sheet on Safety Tips for Direct Care Workers, what should you do if the situation seems questionable (for example, drunk family member, family quarrel, combativeness, etc.) when you go to enter the member's home?

8. Transitioning to a new worker may be difficult for the member because they:

9. There are four things you should do to stay safe. They are:

10. In the video, Traumatic Brain Injury - Josh's Story, who is Josh's best friend?

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